The Christmas Revolution

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The Christmas Revolution was the event which perpetuated the founding of Liberalia. In late November 2005, a number of people, who eventually became the founding members of Liberalia were residents of the region of WWSETI. Shortly before this time, the population of WWSETI had finally elected its first democratic government, under Carops. Carops and his government were subsequently subjected to administrator abuse from the unelected admin staff of the WWSETI forum. The admin staff, under WWSETI founder Hagge, deleted government threads and took away the rights of the Speaker of Parliament to run the parliament, leading to the collapse of democracy. Despite attempts to persuade the administration staff to be fair towards the citizenry, a compromise could not be reached and administrator Morpheus launched attacks upon Carops and Ardalia for their refusal to submit to his authority.

Because of this disagreement, the first three Christmas Revolutionaries left WWSETI to found Liberalia:

The other founder members of the revolution were:

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